GBAS 2018

2018 Great Bay Area Conference

On Robotics and Artificial


AI Industrialization and Industry AI Realization

towards New Innovation Economy

Dec.5th to 7th, 2018 (Check in on Dec. 5th,)
JW Marriott Hotel Baoan, Shenzhen, China
GBAS 2018 Organizing Committee

As a strategic, fundamental and frontier discipline, robotics and artificial intelligence will bring numerous disruptive innovations and lead to the largest industrial revolution in human history. The impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is enormous.
Shenzhen is not only the pioneer of reform and openness, but also accelerating its service segment systematic foundation on Fin-Tech field and become a globalized center of venture investment and financing. The formation of Fin-Tech innovation has made Shenzhen most critical driving force and extends to the Great Bay Area. The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Industry in Shenzhen takes the frontier position in China. The 2018 Great Bay Area Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Conference play an important role to thoroughly foster the consolidation of industry, university, research and finance.
The conference will serve as an essential platform through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and industrial CEO round table dialogue, exhibition, etc., and it intends to be an industrial Eco-system architect, technology innovation center through consistent efforts.


China Association for Science and Technology
Shenzhen Municipal People's Government


China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange
Shenzhen Baoan District People's Government
Shenzhen Association of Science and Technology
Shenzhen Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association


Baoan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau
Shenzhen Industry-University-Research Collaboration and Development co. LTD
Shenzhen Industry-University-Research Promotion Innovation Management co. LTD


The Mainland station of Corss- straits, HongKong and Macao
Collaborative innovation Alliance
Hong Kong Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association
The Association for Promotion of Science and Technology of Macau
Taiwan Mountain Jade Association
IEEE Nanotechnology Council (IEEE NTC)

Rongwei Ren

Professor, MBA of Sun Yat-Sen Business School

Luhong Liang

Inspector-general, platform group of advanced digital systems, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited
IEEE Senior Fellow

Yizhong Shen

Vice Executive President, Taiwan Share Course Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhiwei He

CEO, Candela (Shenzhen) Technology Innovation CO.Ltd.)

NengFu Huang

Dean, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University

Chao He

Vice President , HongKong Wisers Information Limited
Founder ,Wiser AI Laboratory

Zhengliang Chen

President, usoftchina

Jianhua Wang

Executive Vice President &Secretary, China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association

Bin Chen

Senior Vice President, ORBBEC

Wei Wu

President , Coocaa Network Technology Co., Ltd.
CTO, Skyworth Group

Peijiang Yuan

Founder& Chief Scientist, Sensingtech,

Zhichen Yu

Director, Turing Robot

Xianfeng Ding

Chief Scientist of Internet of Intelligences, Alibaba Cloud

Rainer Bischoff

Chief Scientist, Kuka AG & Vice-President, EU Robotics Association

Hao Zou

Founder, Tsimage Medica

Haitao Zheng

Co-Founder & CTO, Shenzhen Giiso Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Fan Yang

Co-founder,NXROBO ROS Spark Program

Zhan Jia

Vice Presdent, YYD ROBO

Weixin Lao

EMBA Professor & Doctor , The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shaoreng Xu

Investment Director, Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd

Haiquan Wang

Founding Partner, Zhenxuan Investment

Yifeng Xie

Founding Partner,Fantax Venture Capital Investment

Fei Luo

Founding Partner,Green Pine Capital Partners Co.LTD

Wenli Xie

Chairman,Qianhai Mergers And Acquisitions Funds

Yoshio Matsumoto

Team Leader, Assistive Robotics Research Team, Human Augmentation Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),Japan

Fumiya Iida

Professor, University of Cambridge

Di Duan


Jens Kober

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Robotics department
Delft University of Technology

Richard Voyles

Professor and Director, Purdue Robotics Accelerator
Head, Collaborative Robotics Lab

Yimin Liu

Managing director,Shenzhen Cowin Asset Management Co. Ltd

Fabio Bonsignorio

Visiting Professor,the Institute of BioRobotics at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy.

Giulio Sandini

Founding Director,Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Center for Human Technologies
Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Unit

Daming Shi

Guangyi Shi

Associate Professor, Peking University

Zheng Le

Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

Junwen Liao

President, Shenzhen Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association

Jian Chen

Director, China Science and Technology Exchange Center

Li Zhang

Secretary & Vice-Chairman, Shenzhen Association of Science and Technology

Zhiyuan Gao

Hongsheng Huang

Executive Director, Shenzhen Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association

ZhongLin Wang

Founding Director and Chief Scientist, Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Toshio Fukuda

Foreign academicians,Chinese Academy of Engineering

Kazuhiro Kosuge

Professor, The Department of Robotics at Tohoku University, Japan

Renquan Luo

Director, NTU-iCeiRA
Editor, IEEE Industry Applications Magazine

Wenrong Li

Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Yu Sun

Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering

Osamu Tabata

Director,Kyoto university, Japan

Jianwei Zhang

Professor, University Hamburg

Oussama Khatib

Professor,Stanford University,USA

Lianqing Liu

Secretary-general,Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences

Philip Chen

Member,Academia Europaea
Vice president,Chinese Association of Automation

Jens Kober

Professor,TU Delft,Delft,Netherlands

Jieliang Chen


Lan Du


Daokui Qu


Jay Liou

CEO,Advanced NanoBio Technologies Limited

Conference Center

Date:Dec.5th to 7th, 2018 (Check in on Dec. 5th,) Venue: JW Ma

Venue:JW Marriott Hotel Baoan, Shenzhen, China

Scale:There will be more than 1000 relevant governmental departments from the national and Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Great Bay Area. Prominent scientists and academicians around the world, industrial leaders, representatives of financial institutions and professional medias will attend this conference, with which the feature exhibition of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is expected to attract at least 3000 attendants.



Zhuoming Chen



Connie She



Zoey Rong


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